BLOG: The journey so far…

So guys, I’ve gotta tell you,

It’s been a WHOLE lot of fun putting together this website and getting the ball rolling to releasing my music!! I have to thank you all SO much for your support and especially to everyone who’s been an Eden King fan from the very beginning (you know who you are!)

It’s been a busy few weeks.. from doing so many different photoshoots, to filming and overseeing the editing to my FIRST EVER music video 😀 It almost feels a little strange sitting here typing this with no fake eyelashes dragging my eyelids down! but #nopainnogain right?!

But it’s definitely been an eye-opening experience, no pun intended! Sometimes it’s a bit like running a super-busy business, and other times it’s like crawling into a little hole and writing lyrics for dayyyyys.

So what’s coming up, I hear you ask? Well my little Edenites, some more CRAZY collaborations, a hell of a lot of WEIRD s#*! that I will continue to post up here, truckloads of new PICS, and possibly some acoustic covers of kickass songs!

Reply here if you have any suggestions 🙂

Love always,

Eden xx

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