BLOG: whatiluv 6

This week we’re talking about some Pretty Awesome People.

If you’re ever bored out of your brains, take a leaf out of my book and see what you can find on youtube. I’ve actually put a lot of effort into researching this post for y’all!

You never know what you’re gonna stumble upon and it might just enlighten/frighten/surprise/tease/inspire/amaze you 🙂

1. First on the Pretty Awesome list is Jenna Marbles. She uploads videos every wednesday and the topics range from How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Goodlooking and The Text Message Decoder. She’s freekin hilarious and in my opinion this is one of her best:

2. Second on the list is Naturally 7 – a vocal group from NYC who can do some really insane stuff. Watch this video til the end, and then measure how much your jaw has dropped.

3.Third is a makeup tutorial of a different kind. 13 Year Old Talia Castellano has leukemia and instead of wearing wigs to feel better, she experiments with makeup and she is damn good at it! Since this vid was made she’s appeared on Ellen and is an honorary CoverGirl.

4. This kid has an 8-pack and he’s not even 8 years old.. I watched the documentary and by the end, I wasn’t sure whether to applaud or pity him 😦 Not encouraging steroids or anything, but if he has achieved this physique naturally, then it’s anyone’s guess what the human body is capable of.

5. Of course I saved the best til last!!! Brooke Greenberg is the size of a 7month old baby but is actually 16. Scientists think her cells continually renew themselves and could hold the key to immortality. Maybe she could live 16 times longer than the rest of us.. Can you believe this stuff exists?! I feel quite boring and average now..

If you’re after more, youtube MyShockingStory.
Happy hunting:)

Love always,



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