Blog: whatiluv 9 – Amazing Places that aren’t Photoshopped

I came across this page today and thankfully for my boredom, clicked into it.

The images are mind-blowing & life-changing – they’ll make you question whether these places actually exist here on Earth.

Who knew there was a vibrant pink lake in Australia? Or that the scenery from the movie Avatar was an actual location? But I think my favourite is the hidden beach in Mexico, created by a huge military explosion over 100 years ago. The images are inspirational and for some reason bring out the creative bug in me.

It’s definitely stirred up the travel bug too and I’ve added almost all to my bucket list!

Below are my faves, but click on the link for all 33 locations.


Worlds Largest Mirror

Above: The World’s Largest Mirror, Bolivia


Colourful Canyon

Above: A Naturally Colourful Canyon, Arizona


Sea of Stars

Above: The Sea of Stars, Maldives


Hot Springs

Above: Giant Hot Spring, Wyoming 


Dead Valley

Above: Dead Valley, Namibia



Above: Volcano Within A Volcano, Japan


Turquoise Ice

Above: Turquoise Ice, Russia


Rock formations

Above: Colourful Rock Formations, China


*I don’t own these images, but I wish I did! 


Love Always,







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