blog: This is What People will Look Like in 2050

I found this photo so powerful because I am a mixed race girl 🙂 While I’ve never been a victim of racial abuse I know what it feels like to be poked fun at for looking different or having parents from another culture. Even passing remarks can be hurtful.

Hopefully “racism” will become a non-existent word in the future, with interracial couples now becoming the norm. We have to remember Love is Love – regardless of skin colour, culture, gender or stupid politics. I’m proud to come from two completely different cultures and I’m more open-minded because of it.

So while some people might be afraid of change or have been brainwashed into thinking racism is ok, have a look at these photos below of mixed-race Americans, taken for National Geographic’s 125th Anniversary. To me, they don’t look like any particular race or nationality, they look like people of the world. And that’s what we are, after all.

Mixed Race Americans

Have a great long weekend Edenites!


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