Had a mini stroke when I checked this website’s stats today.

Some freekin awesome people in Kuwait, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Canada and the US have been playing and downloading my songs! (And of course, my homies in AU!)

And I’m sure it all contributed to my little profile being lifted back up up to #6 for Pop on!

It REALLY blows my mind & I can’t express just how much your on-going love and support is appreciated ❤

I’ve been finding it tough lately to get the creative juices flowing coz there’s so much else going on, but I PROMISE new shiz will be made available soon 🙂

Might just be another collaboration since you guys seemed to like the last one so much 😉

Keep emailing me, messaging & commenting coz I seriously love hearing your thoughts and feedback. You guys keep me going!


Til next week beautiful peeps,

Eden xx



Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 4.39.56 PM




Website views

Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 3.31.50 PM




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