blog: That Time I Made A Music Video

It feels like a lifetime ago that I released my first music video for Here Tonight. And since my next one is on the cards for a release before the end of the year (!!! breaking news !!!) it’s definitely stirred up memories again!

The whole experience was a crash-course into just how much work is involved. But thankfully I had an EARTH-SHATTERINGLY AMAZING TEAM that helped put it all together.

From scouting locations and filming on bridges in the middle of the night, to the hours of editing after filming (& especially for dancing along with me so I didn’t feel like an idiot!) the finished product is as much mine as it is theirs.

Rome was definitely NOT built in a day! Those 4 minutes and 16 seconds probably took 400 hours to put together. But the end result was worth it – and has given me so much motivation to do another!!

I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions for the next video – in the meantime, cheers to you Yaara Duek, Connie Kabega, Dario Verrengia, Hamama Alkindi, Sam Heiligers and Huzni Mohamed ❤ ❤ ❤



Here Tonight crew

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