blog: whatiluv 15 – A Mouthful of Makeup

London-born makeup artist Laura Jenkinson uses her face as a 3D canvas… I can’t believe how artistic & talented some people are!! Love it!!

Follow her on instagram: @laurajenkinson ❤ ❤ ❤

On a side note, I think I’ve figured out the direction of this blog – just things I love hahaha.

Enjoy xx


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Even though I released Here Tonight over a year ago, it still manages to trend on worldwide every so often 🙂

It seriously makes my day, coz it means you guys are still playing & downloading the songs!!

Play them on repeat to your little heart’s content or download them for free! :p

(or watch the video here)

I promise some new ones will be up soon!!

Next Blog 1


Love y’all so freekin much ❤ ❤ ❤

Eden xx





NEWS: Back <<< To The Studio

In the coming weeks, I’ll be heading back into the studio to record and collaborate with some amaaaze international producers who I admire so much!!


It’s been great to take some time off – and get inspiration from gigs, meetings with respected people in the industry and learning from bunch of very talented musicians.


But now I CAN’T WAIT for the chance to get all these lyrics and melodies off my chest >>> into a microphone >>> into your pretty little ears!!


Thank you so much for your patience… I LOVE reading your messages – please keep them coming! The new songs are so different to anything I’ve done before.. which is exciting & scary at the same time!


I’ll be posting my ideas and the whole thought-process here and on the links below, so would love to hear your feedback 🙂


It’s been such an adventure and there have been some unexpected turns, but throughout it all I’ve always looked to you for support, and BOY OH BOY have you delivered the goods!!



Love & excited jitters,



❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


ps – I’ll be throwing ideas around on my facebook, twitter & instagram pages about iTunes artwork, and I’d love your thoughts! Just click the links below and follow 🙂 xx

t: @edenkingmusic 

i: @edenkingmusic 







Hmm… apparently so! 🙂

Never thought I’d see my face alongside Aussie legend John Farnham – but I guess stranger things have happened!

And I’m soooooo grateful for the opportunity.

A lot of my time is spent alone, songwriting, making music and doing the most horrible sounding vocal exercises! So seeing you guys online and interacting with you via these pages means more than you can imagine 🙂

I’d really love it if you could follow or check out my other pages too… and thankyou for coming along with me on this little journey!


Keep playing the songs, downloading them (for free) and commenting on content – it all counts!!


Loveeeeeee Eden xx



Reverbnation 11:6:13

blog: whatiluv 14 – #MealForAMeal

Loving the new Instagram initiative from Virgin Mobile & OzHarvest!


Hashtag #mealforameal on your food pics and they will provide meals to people in need.


Finally, a worthy excuse for all those #foodporn pics! It’s great when big brands and social media come together for a good cause.


1 hashtag = 1 meal. Get snapping guys!





blog: whatiluv 13 – Peter Pan Syndrome

One time in high school, my friend Chris said I reminded him of Phoebe from Friends. Back then, I kinda took offence.

If you didn’t know already, Phoebe’s character is pretty random, a little ditzy and quite frankly, the downright weirdest of the group.

Chris probably knew me the best, because that’s how I am on the inside. My exterior has ever so slightly been subdued by society – eg: the wearing of pants, bras and combing my hair.

But my inner wacky child still rages true, even coming thru on this blog (which clearly has no clear direction and is a jungle of my sporadic train of thought :p)

I can’t foresee myself ever truly growing up, for the following reasons:

1. My bedroom’s clean, but you’re not allowed to move the Hello Kitty stuffed toys off the bed.

2. I get up at 5.30am when it’s freezing, but turn the heating up so my house becomes a sauna.

3. I go to the gym with my friend Sim, but we end up laughing at the leg machines that work your inner thigh.

4. I try to get some work done on my laptop, but end up on the My Shocking Story channel on youtube.

5. I walk my dog, but also use that time to have long conversations with her, getting her opinion on things.

6. I splash out on external hard drives and USBs, but don’t remember to back anything up.

7. I try to buy practical things online, and end up spending a small fortune on pointless stuff like below.

But hey, at least these things make being a grown up a little more fun 🙂



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Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 4.31.39 PM



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Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 4.41.09 PM


Had a mini stroke when I checked this website’s stats today.

Some freekin awesome people in Kuwait, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Canada and the US have been playing and downloading my songs! (And of course, my homies in AU!)

And I’m sure it all contributed to my little profile being lifted back up up to #6 for Pop on!

It REALLY blows my mind & I can’t express just how much your on-going love and support is appreciated ❤

I’ve been finding it tough lately to get the creative juices flowing coz there’s so much else going on, but I PROMISE new shiz will be made available soon 🙂

Might just be another collaboration since you guys seemed to like the last one so much 😉

Keep emailing me, messaging & commenting coz I seriously love hearing your thoughts and feedback. You guys keep me going!


Til next week beautiful peeps,

Eden xx



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