The new video for ADORE is out now

A few months ago, I was feeling unmotivated and creatively bored – until I heard a hauntingly beautiful song on @triplej. It was called Adore by @amysharkmusic. It made me reminisce about the early stages in a relationship – when their texts give you butterflies.. when every conversation is worthy of a journal entry.. when one glance could mean a thousand things.. when you wish that the night could go on forever. Relationships change and grow deeper over time, and sometimes our busy lives and dreams for the future prevent us from treasuring what we have right now. Some girls my age are single, some are married, some are mums. But whatever stage of life you’re in, I hope you can listen to this song and take a moment to sit back and enjoy what you have. Those little moments that make you feel so loved, that make you feel so special, that make you feel so alive!
To adore someone is to love blindly and wholeheartedly with only the best intentions. Seeing their faults and loving them all the more for it. I hope you guys like my cover of Adore ❤️❤️❤️

Produced by @MrBesty
Directed by @MrPaulMulligan

More new music to come in 2017…

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