blog: whatiluv 10 – Albino Animals

As far as random blog posts go, this might be as weird as it gets.

But I can’t apologise for loving all things weird & wonderful!

From deformities to deep sea creatures and aliens, I cannot get enough.

And it reminds me that there’s no such thing as normal. NORMAL IS BORING!

So… here are some albino animals which I think are even more beautiful than their “normal” counterparts.

Nature is amazing ❤ ❤ ❤























blog: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Music Industry

Here are 10 things I have learnt from working in the music industry so far. I’m a performer and music manager so I guess it’s written from the perspective of both. Enjoy!

Katy Rihanna

1. It’s a MAKE or BREAK industry – and more often than not, it’s the latter.

Once you’ve come to terms with those odds, you’re ready! Keep in mind that ‘making it’ means different things for different people.


2. There’s a difference between hustling and hustling properly.

Talking yourself up to anyone that will listen is stupid! Target those in the industry who can actually help you – and before you say anything, listen to what they have to say. They’re successful for a reason. Once you’re standing in front of them, show them your HUNGER – not your DESPERATION. Shit-talking will get you nowhere. And if by chance it does, make sure you have something to back it up with!!


3. It’s not all about ass-kissing

If you’re fake, people will see through you like a pane of glass. What’s the common theme between Rihanna, Kanye & Miley? They are themselves and they are honest. Don’t be afraid of rejection or making the wrong impression. In this industry, all that’s important is that you MAKE an impression full stop. Sounds lame, but being yourself could be the best move you could make.


4. You’ll work more after 5pm than in the whole day.

I’m at my desk as I write this, and it’s 6.30pm. We work into the night, but don’t even think about contacting anyone before 10AM, because you will get abused!! Thursday, Friday and Saturday are the busiest due to gigs and tours, so forget about turning your phone off after a long day. And if you’re actually at the gigs, pay close attention to the next point!


5. You’ll work whilst drunk. A lot.

I also find myself in a state of constant tipsiness. I’ve worked in retail, hospitality, call centres, you name it – and in every contract I signed was a clause stating you couldn’t come to work intoxicated or high. Well, in this industry it’s kinda expected that you’re never quite sober. But be careful to tread a thin line, only because you want to remember the contacts you meet whilst out, the businesses they run, and any verbal deals you make!


6. The most successful people are almost always the nicest.

Don’t be fooled by media reports of divas throwing tantrums to get what they want. Yes, this might be acceptable once you’re a Grammy award-winning artist, but for everyone else trying to carve a career in the industry, being nice pays off. People want to work with you again, they respect you more and will recommend you to others. That’s priceless.


7. It’s all about who you know.

Everyone knows someone who works in, or is connected to, the music industry. Take a second and consider it. A drummer? DJ? Aspiring music journalist? Blogger? Photographer? A bartender who works at the pub all the bands play at? If for some reason you don’t, stop freaking out!!! Dive in head-first because once you make some contacts, you won’t be able to stop. Everyone is connected somehow in this industry.


8. You’ll do more than make music.

Emails, baby. Expect to send s***loads of emails a day. Tours, accommodation, flights, transfers, album artwork, free clothes, backline, studio time, interviews, photoshoots, brand endorsements (and in some cases, rehab!) don’t book themselves. Whether you’re doing it for yourself or have a manager, this ish has to be sorted with a capital S. Fans think it’s kinda like Christmas – you wake up one morning and everything is awesomely presented with a pretty red bow around it. Nope – having a song ready to roll is only the first step. There’s a lot of legwork involved.


9. You’ll be expected to do more than make music.

At a certain point in your career, there will be some people who don’t care about your music at all. Magazines will ask you about what food you eat everyday, media will ask about your relationships, reporters will ask what you’re wearing and why there’s a ring on your finger. While this can be creatively stifling, not being all about the music can be a good thing too. Attending fundraisers, representing charities and visiting children’s hospitals can make you realize that you can have a positive impact on others.


10. Finally, the music industry is like no other.

The people you meet are living their dream every single day. I think most would agree that a lot of stuff we do doesn’t feel like work at all (well, definitely not what I thought a “real job” was when I finished school). It’s an industry where dreams and money can be made quickly, so in a way, it can be ruthless. Fame, egos and a little bit of exploitation can get in the way. But it’s also laid back, because most of us come from a musical background (no maths please!). Business meetings are conducted in jeans and a T-shirt via skype, and your boss catching you on social media is a GOOD thing. But everyone loves music, and music makes everyone happy, so in my opinion it’s not a bad industry to be in at all 🙂


As The Beatles said, I get by with a little help from my friends.



Hope these two sexual goddesses have a day that’s as amazing as they are!

They’re two of my biggest supporters who’ve been there since the beginning, and quite freakishly share a birthday. I can’t imagine not having their consistent love, support, friendship and shoulder to lean on when things get a bit cRaZy.


Couldn’t ask for better BFFs and what’s more we all share a DEEP, PROFOUND LOVE for:

  • Japanese food
  • Avoiding the gym
  • Shopping
  • Vanderpump rules
  • Pretty sunglasses
  • Baby animals
  • Dying our hair way too often
  • Finding a bargain


Giulz bday


Chrissy bday


Found this little gem for you both: A friend who knows your tears is much more valuable than lots of friends who only know your smile.


You both mean the world to me and I’ve especially learnt the value of your friendship these past couple of years. So pull on your party boots coz it’s only a matter of time before our hips start playing up! :p




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Blog: whatiluv 9 – Amazing Places that aren’t Photoshopped

I came across this page today and thankfully for my boredom, clicked into it.

The images are mind-blowing & life-changing – they’ll make you question whether these places actually exist here on Earth.

Who knew there was a vibrant pink lake in Australia? Or that the scenery from the movie Avatar was an actual location? But I think my favourite is the hidden beach in Mexico, created by a huge military explosion over 100 years ago. The images are inspirational and for some reason bring out the creative bug in me.

It’s definitely stirred up the travel bug too and I’ve added almost all to my bucket list!

Below are my faves, but click on the link for all 33 locations.


Worlds Largest Mirror

Above: The World’s Largest Mirror, Bolivia


Colourful Canyon

Above: A Naturally Colourful Canyon, Arizona


Sea of Stars

Above: The Sea of Stars, Maldives


Hot Springs

Above: Giant Hot Spring, Wyoming 


Dead Valley

Above: Dead Valley, Namibia



Above: Volcano Within A Volcano, Japan


Turquoise Ice

Above: Turquoise Ice, Russia


Rock formations

Above: Colourful Rock Formations, China


*I don’t own these images, but I wish I did! 


Love Always,







blog: whatiluv 8 – Hairstyles 2014

Every so often I get the strongest URGE to change my hair. Am I the only one?? Colour, cut, whatever – as long as it’s different! It’s like the desire to get a tattoo.. once you get the idea, you can’t stop thinking about it, and everywhere you look, you see one you want.

Recently after getting this feeling I decided to research the trending hairstyles for 2014 and get some inspiration. I finally settled on a mix between ombre & highlights, and after much sweet-talking, convinced my best friend @giulz_d to get behind me with the dye 🙂 She was freaking out but did a great job, love her ❤ ❤ ❤

The final result was a complete surprise. But I guess that’s the best part of doing something unexpected and unrehearsed. Sometimes it’s fun being spontaneous – and if it doesn’t turn out how you wanted, don’t run straight for the Black 001 box. Who knows, maybe you can start the newest trend!!!

Below are my top hairstyles for 2014 xoxoxo

Screen shot 2014-03-19 at 8.30.43 PM

Screen shot 2014-03-19 at 8.30.32 PM

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 2.06.41 PM

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 7.54.41 PM

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 7.59.11 PM

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 7.48.39 PM

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 7.44.34 PM

Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 8.22.38 AM

Blog: A Sickly Sweet Situation

My friend Suzi recently launched her website, and I was very honoured when she asked me to write an article on being fructose intolerant. It’s become a huge part of my life but I HATE those people that constantly talk about being gluten-free/organic/I-quit-sugar crap!

So what you read below is ALL I will EVER say about the topic haha. But I guess in a way, by talking about it more people will understand how difficult it is having an intolerance and how awesomeeeeee it would be to just eat whatever you want! Anyway I’ve written a couple more articles for OrkFork which I’ll post soon. So without further ado here’s my article 🙂

Love you all ❤


I don’t have an eating disorder, but I’ll come right out and say it… I think about food 24/7.
From the moment I wake up, it begins.
Is there time to cook breakfast? What will I buy for lunch? Am I going out for dinner? Then I look in the fridge, then the cupboard, and back to the fridge again.
Shit, I think. I’m going to be sick if I eat any of this.

Being a fructose malabsorber is an absolute, 100% joke.

In our civilized Western country, we are lucky enough to suffer from a tyranny of choices. We actually have the privilege of being indecisive, whether it’s tossing up what shoes to buy, or more serious decisions such as what career to pursue. Likewise, we’re also bombarded with meal options every single day. McDonald’s, pizza, sushi, Subway. Our culture is a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines. But if you are fructose intolerant like me, forget about Italian. Forget about Chinese. Forget about pancakes, ice-cream or any type of dessert. And forget that you ever knew what it felt like to bite into a juicy red apple.

I first discovered that my body couldn’t absorb fructose seven months ago. Previously, doctors had conducted vague tests on me assuming I was gluten intolerant. But every morning I would still be curled up in bed, not wanting to move a muscle, fearing that if I did, my stomach would rip in two. I knew it was serious when I started taking days off work. But everything changed when I made an appointment with a dietician. After reading the food diary I’d been keeping, he instantly knew fructose was the cause. He said anything can trigger an intolerance, from pregnancy to moving countries. In my case, it was a single, stressful and traumatic event. It’s funny how your body reacts in ways you can’t comprehend. But unlike the overnight formation, once you are intolerant, you will be that way forever. For my own sanity, I forked out $400 to get tested over 2 months just to be sure. The news wasn’t sinking in.

I’m really not one to bitch and moan about things, because honestly, I have it pretty good. Great friends, supportive family, awesome job. But it’s surprising how being unable to eat most foods can really take a toll on your mental state. It’s almost unfair, like the world is playing one big trick on you. You have enough money to go to nice restaurants, but you can’t eat a single thing on the menu. You have a birthday, and you can’t even eat the cake! There is a lack of awareness within our community, and a serious lack of options for people like me. Gluten and lactose intolerance have become buzzwords, but a lot of people still think fructose is just fruit.

Now for the educational part. (Try explaining this to your Greek grandma who considers lasagne an entree).

Fructose is a naturally occurring sugar. It’s in everything, even though some foods contain amounts that are next to nothing. So while I can stomach a few grapes, I can’t have raisins or wine as the fructose content goes up dramatically in the fermentation process. I can have tomatoes, but not tomato sauce, as the state of the food also creates changes in the levels of sugar.
In some ways, it would be easier to look out for common allergens such as nuts or shellfish, because they’re listed ingredients, and more visible to the eye. Fructose isn’t actually an ingredient in food. It just exists as a chemical compound. Companies don’t list what’s inside broccoli, or honey, or garlic, or blackberries, so I just have to remember than they contain high levels of fructose. If you look on the bright side, you have a fun little memory game before every meal! It’s also found in base ingredients which most people consume without even realising. For instance, I can’t have soup because it’s made with stock, which contains onion.

Fructose is also a compound of wheat, which gets frustrating when restaurants suggest gluten-free meals. For the record, gluten and wheat are two different things! And wheat isn’t just in bread. It’s found in “extras” such as mayonnaise and terriyaki sauce. So fructose-free meals are usually very plain. On top of that, sorbitol intolerance often goes hand-in-hand with fructose intolerance, and if you looked at the ingredients of toothpaste, chewing gum and diet soda, you’d see it’s a main ingredient. I know, a joke, right?

I’m still no expert on the issue, even though I’ve read so much information on the topic, but now I am slowly learning what works for me. Like in every other facet of life, every body is different, and being intolerant to certain foods is no exception. The word “intolerance” signifies a degree of tolerance, so while some fructose malabsorbers can handle a bit of avocado in their sushi roll, or the accidental pistachio mixed into their bag of nuts, others will eat the same amount and suffer for days. That’s why the fructose-free FODMAPs diet is so easy for me to follow – simply because the consequential pain is just not worth it.

There are definitely worse things in life than being fructose intolerant. But it’s something that takes a lot of getting used to, and I don’t think I’m quite there yet. Hopefully my experience can give a little insight into what people with intolerances go through on a daily basis. “Intolerance” shouldn’t be viewed as an excuse to follow the latest fad diet, and it isn’t fair for people to use the word just because they are picky eaters. So next time you’re biting into a juicy red apple, remember those who would give anything to do that again!

Blog: A Series of Fortunate Events

It’s been a crazy few weeks, but also a lazy few weeks in terms of getting my butt to this laptop and blogging! So here is everything that’s been happening in this little bubble I like to call Eden’s World – and if it weren’t for a certain toddler from Toddlers & Tiaras, I’d totally copyright that!

(PS: all these shots are from my instagram account: @edenkingmusic)

After What I Want was released online on Oct 14th (have you downloaded yours yet?!) I took a break and headed up to the sunny Gold Coast with my girlfriends for some good ol’ R n’ R… and maybe a visit or two to the good ol’ strip clubs…


Qld view

Nov 9th: Emirates Stakes Day at the Spring Racing Carnival. Spent the day in the beautiful Yellowglen marquee with the other frocked-up women of Melbourne. Huge shoutout to Yellowglen for the foldable ballet flats they gave each guest – smart marketing, as they were definitely needed by the end of the day! My dress was by the amazing team at She’s Electric @sheselectricofficial

Emirates profile

Emirates photo


Nov 20th: The Annual AGE Music Awards at Billboards. As always, these events are an absolute riot and I love meeting people that creatively inspire me. In true Eden King style, the photos from the actual event are a mess, so here is one from before

Age AwardsI also graduated from university with a degree in Media & Communication/Music Industry and celebrated with some intoxicated shenanigans. Again, here’s a photo from before hahaha with my friend Jen.


And in between all that, I’ve been writing more with my favourite rapper/producer LYDA, and we will have some new tracks for y’all shortly… Think Rihanna & Eminem, a little harder than what I’ve released so far. It’s been fun experimenting with different sounds and effects, and I hope you guys like the newer stuff 🙂 Your patience will be rewarded!!!

Love always,




It’s finally here!

I am so excited for you guys to hear my brand new song that has just been internationally released today!

I’m super proud of this track, and it’s been really hard keeping it a secret… UNTIL NOW!!

I was lucky enough to team up with LYDA – a New York-born, LA-based superstarrrrrrr who in my opinion is also one of the most freakishly talented vocalists around.
(instagram @lydahiphop)

The final result of our collab is a tune called >>> Always Won <<< produced by the one and only Lexi Banks – which I am endlessly grateful and humbled to feature on 🙂

It’s a little bit Drake, a little Rihanna, pretty chill and kicked back, but also a touch of S.E.X for all you lovers out there. reeoww 😉


It’s a little shimmy away from what I’ve done before, so I’m hoping you love it, and of course why not…


Just click the ‘bandprofile’ tab or STREAM IT as many times as you want!

It’s also available on my other sites –


& just like always, be the VERY FIRST to know what I’m up to by following me on instagram @edenkingmusic and twitter @edenkingmusic!

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Love you all to the moon and back & couldn’t do this without your support,